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Products > Passive components > Patch Cord > Indoor Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cord
Product name : Indoor Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cord
Product No. : 201631713334
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 Indoor Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Armoured Fiber Optic Patch Cords are manufacturedso as to withstand side pressure and repeated

 bending and are used in outdoorapplications in customer premises, central offices and in harsh environments.

 Armoured patch cords are constructed with a stainless steel tube over astandard patch Cord surrounded by

 a stainless steel mesh with and outer jacket.The flexible metal tube limits the bending radius, preventing the optical fiberfrom breaking.

 This ensures a safe and durable optical fiber network system.Armoured patch Cords use a 

Optical Branching Device to protect the separatedtight buffer fibers(for example 12 cores).



Standards Compliance

IEC 874-14, TIA/EIA-568-B.3

 ISO/IEC 11801, IEC-61754-7, TIA-604-5

RoHS, REACH & SvHC Compliant


Available in all fiber types

Built with Stainless Steel tube, Suitable for different  harsh environments application

Together with custom connectors, the cable can be both water proof and gas proof and can withstand high temperatures

Layouts can be wired much the same way as ordinary electric cable installations

 Available in standard and custom lengths



Item Simplex Duplex 4 cores 6 cores 12 cores
Tight Buffer OD (mm) 0.9 ± 0.05 0.6 ± 0.05
Outer diameter (mm) 2.8 ± 0.1 3.0 ± 0.1 3.9 ± 0.1 4.4 ± 0.1 5.9 ± 0.1
Outer jacket PVC ,LSZH,PE
Standard color Blue (Singlemode),gray (Multimode). other colours available upon request
Cable weight (kg/km ) 12 14 30 35 40
Operating temperature -40℃~+75℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+80℃
Minimal Bending radius ≥30D

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